Authentic Genetics is based in California and is the exclusive distributor of Todd McCormick's personal seed collection. Here you will find the Original Haze, Original Skunk No.1, Purest Indica, Northern Lights #2 Northern Lights #5, along with many others. AGSeedCo provides fast free tracked shipping within the continental US. We accept all major credit cards as well as cryptocurrency, or you can mail in payment.

Curated and cultivated by Todd McCormick, this unique library of genetics spans his more-than-35 years of experience of breeding and selection. The goal of this project is to preserve what he calls "the primary colors of cannabis".

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Todd McCormick is a former cancer patient who started using cannabis in 1979, under his mother's supervision while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Todd overcame the cancer and went on to become a lifetime advocate for cannabis. Starting in 1994, Todd worked with Jack Herer as an editor of The Emperor Wears No Clothes and after Jack’s passing, he released the 12th edition of the book with memorials to Jack.

Todd received the first international prescription for medical cannabis in the Netherlands in 1994, opened the San Diego Cannabis Compassion Club in 1995, then lived in Amsterdam for over a year growing and studying cannabis. Upon return to the US, he became one of the first growers arrested for cultivating cannabis after the passage of proposition 215. His first book, How to Grow Medical Marijuana, was released in 1998. Todd became one of the first people the federal government denied a medical necessity defense and was forced to self-surrender to a 5 year prison sentence starting on January 3rd, 2000. Upon release from prison in 2004, he went right back to activism and started producing fundraisers at the Playboy Mansion for MPP in 2007, 2008 & 2009, and also in 2009, he produced the THC EXPO, which was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Todd co-produced and is featured in the documentaries, THE UNION: The Business Behind Getting High & THE CULTURE HIGH. Todd also helped produce the book, PROTESTIVAL: A 20 year retrospective of Seattle Hempfest. Todd currently writes for Grow magazine, and will soon be releasing his next book, From Cancer to Cannabis: The Essential Guide to the EndoCannabinoid System. Todd owns Authentic Genetics and supplies cannabis genetics at:

In 2012 in Barcelona, Todd received the Cannabis Culture Award alongside Dr. Lester Grinspoon and Sir Richard Branson.

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