Buried Treasures

The idea was born.

We said goodbye to the gas station glass shelf and turned to Google:

"Where to buy a bong online?"

To our surprise, not a single head shop provided a support phone number, offered same-day shipping, or even had a decent selection of glass bongs, pipes, or vapes online.

It was clear that the online glass market had not caught up with legalization, and Buried Treasures was immediately born.

The online headshop experience.

Personally shipping packages, finding the best glassblowers, taking product photos and answering customers on our cell phones, we created the core mission of Buried Treasures.

Buried Treasures is determined to be the best possible solution for any smoker willing to give us a shot. Customers loved our high-quality, curated offering, low prices, and our unwavering dedication to raising the bar.

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