Liquid extractor & centrifuge “Mini”.

Wash Machine – this equipment is designed for solvent / solventless extraction of the different biologically active substances from plant materials / medicinal herbs, with subsequent centrifugation in order to remove the residual extractant.

Raw material load: max 14 kg.
Cylinders load capacity: 43.5 kg.
Reservoir volume (
solvent / solventless per cycle): 30-150 l.
Centrifugation speed: from 0, up to 1200 RPM. Enables emergency stop and reverse to be applied.
Centrifugation controller: driven by a stepper motor, makes to adjust the speed in 1-turn increments.
*Сentrifuge allows to get back almost dry raw material, which saves solvent and make possible for second use of it.
Power requirement: 2.7kW; 220V; 1 phase.
Dimensions: 65 / 100 / 94 cm.
Equipment materials: INOX304A; BUNA N.
Operating system: Kingo.
Weight: 190 kg.
Clear space for operation requirement: 2-3 m2.

*Unit price 22.000 EURO.

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