Jäger x Bubba Kush

Bubbamëister is closest to a traditional (BLD) grow. Most phenotypes need very little pruning or training. These can easily grow over 10ft with extended veg cycles.

This cross is very resistant and resilient to pest pressure and pathogens.

Smells are sweet & spicy. Earthy coffee/cocoa and some cherry/grape with anise. Other cooking spice smells can be found as well.

Effects are sedative and great for analgesics or to increase appetite for most. Shows signs that may aide in relief from gastric challenges.

Smoking Bubbamëister invites cherry laden tones with sweeter grapey notes and spicier anise flavors. Coffee and chocolate smells and undertones permeate when growing and smoking. Along with these sweet smells expect earthy and funky from Afghani profiles from the Bubba parent leaning heavily NL2.

Finishes from 52-56 days of flowering.
8-12ft outdoor finish

$60-24 seeds
$35- 12 seeds
$20- 6 seeds

S&H Domestic:
$5 USPS 5 day Priority
$10 USPS 2 Day Priority
Intl Inquire by selecting

Varietal type: Heirloom
Gender: Regular

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