Recycler Double Chamber Glass Bong

When looking for your next glass bong for smoking dry herbs or dabbing, you don't want to go with a beaker bong again and you're looking for something that's got heady features, provides the perfect amount of drag when you inhale and you don't want to worry about bong water getting into your mouth every time you take a big toke.
Well, this double chamber recycler honeycomb glass bong might be the perfect bong for those who want to experience something unusual. 
As you can see the glass bong has two major parts, the bigger pyramid on the left (which features a layer of honeycomb percolator on the bottom )and the smaller also reversed pyramid chamber is on the right side, the two parts combining makes a perfect recycler bong.
When you inhale, the water will travel to the pipe on the top, then through the smaller reversed pyramid and the pipe from the lower half, eventually back to the main body, in this process, no matter how hard you inhale, not a drop of water will get into your mouth. 
That's the magic of this glass bong, the recycling circle with the layer of honeycomb percolator can provide just the right amount of drag, such a sensational experience when we're using this bong no matter if we're smoking flowers or dabbing, we think this glass bong is definitely one of the best we've used in 2020! 

Accessories: 1x 18mm Female Glass Bowl Piece.
Height: 10" / 25cm Weight:200g
Thickness: 3mm 
90° Joint
Honeycomb Percolator
Double Pyramid Chamber Design
Recycler Glass Bong/Dab Rig
Heady Glass
18mm Male Joint
Flared Mouthpiece
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Features Of This Glass Bong
Colored Glass
The surface of this bong/dab rig is colored with various colors, comparing to the ordinary clear glass design, the colored glass brings a more refreshing look to the overall tone of the dab rig/bong makes it stand out from the others.
Heady Perc/Glass
This bong/water pipe features heady perc. Heady Percolators is known for having dazzling colors or exceptional designs which might feature animals, famous political/entertainment characters, etc.
Removable Downstem
Most commonly seen on beaker bongs, since beaker bongs without a fixed downstem still need a diffuser to diffuse smoke, a removable downstem will be used in that situation, since it's removable the water pipe/bong and the downstem can be clean separately.
Flared Mouthpiece
A flared mouthpiece means that the mouthpiece is thicker or higher than the rest of the bong, it's more comfortable to put your mouth on it and creating a tighter seal for smoking at the same time.
Glass Bong/Dab Rig
This water pipe is made of high-quality glass. 100% handmade and closely examined by the Puffing Bird Staff.
Dual Purpose Water Pipe
This water pipe is small and features no sophisticated percolator inside(usually only a removable downstem diffuser), so it could be used as a glass bong for smoking dry herbs/flowers and if you can pair a quartz banger or a titanium dab nail to go with it(simply replace the glass bowl piece with a dab nail), then it can be a glass dab rig to vaporize your concentrate/oil of choice! A way to save you some extra bucks without needing to buy a dab rig just for dabbing! 
Female Joint 
This water pipe features a 14mm male joint.
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Learn More About Glass Water Pipes

For individuals who like smoking, there are various ways you can smoke. Over the past few years, smokers have been introduced to some different ways and types of smoking. Some of these ways include the use of blunts, hand pipes, joints, and glass bongs. Thus a smoker has a variety of choices to choose from depending on his/her taste and preferences. However, the glass bongs are the favorite choices since most of the smokers find the glass much fascinating and exciting to use. This is because of the countless benefits it provides to the users. Smoking out of a glass bong is one of the ways in which smokers not only enjoy smoking but other advantages as well. Besides, there are many other ways through which smokers can benefit from the use of a glass bong. Some of these benefits include the following; 
Offers Smooth Hits

For most of the smokers, the most significant benefit of smoking in a glass bong is the smooth hits it provides. It is also the best not only for the regular smokers but also for the beginners. It enables them to enjoy and gain experience on their first time of trial. This is the primary reason why many people are switching from using other smoking methods to the glass bong. The glass bong does not irritate on the throat when inhaling. It contains water that kills any bacteria that may be present in the smoke. Therefore, it makes the process of inhalation clean and very refreshing due to the cooling sensation that water provides.

As a matter of fact, t

Size (mm): 10.0
Lime Green
Stainless Steel
Multi Color
Material: Glass

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